Offshore wind

Offshore Wind

We can assist you through all phases of an offshore wind project, from early planning to operational analysis. We work across our market areas, performing both simple and complex analyses.

If you need help with wind measurements, layout, energy and wake calculations, or production analysis, we have one of the Nordic's leading environments for wind technology. If you find it difficult to understand the licensing process, permits, and regulatory agencies, you can rely on a team with broad experience in licensing and environmental investigations. 

If you are planning transmission lines, landfall, substations, and the like, both onshore and offshore, our experts are ready to solve your challenges. Our construction engineers, with experience from bridges and other marine structures, analyse how waves and currents affect the foundations and turbines. A separate port division is ready to plan and optimise your port for offshore wind. 

We select tools and procedures based on the requirements of the project; from simple to complex, integrated tools that incorporate both detailed models of wind, movement of floating foundations, a holistic response from wind turbines, and advanced construction analysis. 

Contact us for a discussion about offshore wind, and together we will determine how we can best assist you. 

  • Stein Erik Skilhagen

    SVP Renewable Energy

  • Elise Førde

    Department Manager, Energy - Environment

  • Arne Ravndal Finnby

    Group Leader Energy storage

  • Jan Fredrik Rambech

    SVP Buildings and Construction

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