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Innovation in Norconsult

Major changes in society, rapid technological developments and a heightened focus on the green transition will require all businesses to innovate and find new solutions.

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Ambitious goals for business development, innovation and digitalisation will play an important role in enabling us each day to improve everyday life for the society around us through our projects.

That is why a cornerstone of Norconsult’s strategy is the 80/20 principle: We must use 80 percent of our time to continue to build on what we already do well, and to continue to improve each day. In addition, 20 percent of our time should be used to challenge established truths and practice and to contribute to new ways of thinking and innovation. We believe that this 20 percent gives us The Edge.. 

Innovation in our projects  

Our most important innovation work is undertaken in projects for our clients. Developing solutions that help them reach their goals and achieve value is what drives us.  

To stay ahead, we seek projects that challenge us and set new standards in collaboration, work processes and both digital and sustainable solutions.  


Innovation and development of Norconsult and our services 

Innovation runs throughout the entire company as well as in all sizes of projects for our clients.  

We continuously work to improve existing and develop new services that meet new needs and solve ever increasingly complex challenges. Insights and knowledge about our clients, combined with our professional expertise, are integrated into service solutions that create new value.  


Innovative organisation 

Our employees are our most valuable resource, so we have established several arenas, courses and programs that enable the development of innovation competence skills.  

We have: 
  • Regular breakfast seminar series on innovation 
  • an innovation leadership program that takes on 16 forward thinking employees each year 
  • Norconsult Awards, that highlights outstanding projects and achievements,  
  • “The Edge”, which brings together the company’s digital transformation and innovation enthusiasts.  

We take pride in our commitment as an innovative organisation and work daily to ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation, digitalisation and new thinking.  

We embrace our purpose “Every day we improve everyday life”.  

  • Elin M. Langlo

    Director of Innovation

  • Thomas Angeltveit

    Group Leader, Innovation and New Growth

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