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Educational and Research Buildings

Norconsult offers consulting services in all phases of construction projects related to educational and research buildings.

Norconsult's advisors are passionate about developing the link between architecture and pedagogy and view educational development work as an integrated part of a construction project. We believe that the development of future-oriented learning environments must take place within the framework of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. 

Our advisors have specialized expertise in educational and research buildings and have extensive experience from both the practical field and academia. We have a large international network in the field of future learning environments, and through this, we have unique access to research in the area. Our firsthand knowledge of teaching and research provides insight into the needs of the various user groups associated with the purpose. 

We are specialists in participatory processes. Our advisors work closely with contractors and provide process management throughout all phases of the project, based on the customer's needs. We can offer tailored advice related to the planning and development of physical learning environments. Through a user-centered approach and educational program, we plan and develop purpose-built buildings that are sustainable for users and society in the short and long term. 

  • Reidunn Waag

    Leader for Development of Educational Buildings 

  • Kåre Kallmyr

    Civil engineer. HVAC, leader for the Hospital and Cleanroom Department 

  • Lars Thorbjørnsen

    Marketing Manager for the South-East Region

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