Mobility and Transportation Planning

Norconsult considers mobility and urban development together while developing sustainable and future-oriented transportation solutions for people and goods. Mobility involves freedom of movement. Our goal as a team is to ensure that mobility needs for all members of society are met.

Norconsult’s large team of experts in mobility and transportation planning are passionate about sustainable development. The assessments and analyses we provide form the basis for future-oriented policies. Detailed planning contributes to improving the daily lives of all users of transportation networks, including personal transport and the movement of goods. 

We carry out various types of assignments related to planning and designing green mobility programs. Our employees think outside the bsox and conduct analyses of policies and tools for all modes of transportation. In addition, we have extensive experience in assessing the market potential for public transport. 

Norconsult has one of Norway’s largest and most competent networks in transportation analysis, transport models, and traffic simulation. We use established models when analyzing and calculating complex situations as well as innovative alternative methods and approaches when assessing future mobility challenges. 

Important changes in society happen faster and have more extensive consequences for mobility than ever. Understanding trends, driving forces, and uncertainty is crucial for the mobility of our cities and country. Our expertise should contribute to Norway reaching its current goals and ambitions for climate and community development. 

  • Edel H. Nordang

    Head of Mobility and Society Department

  • Frode Voldmo

    Team Leader, Social Analysis

  • Sigurd Rugsland

    Head of the Transportation Market Area

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