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Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics

Our geologists are experts within all aspects of design work and rock support of all types of rock facilities in order to create safe conditions in construction pits, tunnels, rock caverns, as well as in natural terrain. Norconsult utilizes and designs solutions that involves rockmass, both in natural condition and as building materials.

Our experts participate in assignments within most market areas, and engineering geology and rock engineering are important contributors in many interdisciplinary and complex projects. At the same time, our experts also solve smaller assignments for private customers. Hydropower plants, transportation and infrastructure development, construction pits, and avalanche risk assessments are some examples of design assignments where our engineering geologists have an important role. We cover all aspects of geological and rock mechanical engineering under air and soil. 

In general, the task of the engineering geologist is to assess the suitability and stability of rock masses for different construction purposes, for example, as a foundation for a dam or building, as building material for a tunnel, in construction pits, or for rock cuts. Assessment of natural hazards such as rockfall and landslides from steep terrain is also part of our expertise. Our knowledge of the bedrock contributes to high quality design in our assignments, to safe ground conditions, and to sustainable solutions. In most assignments we work with digital solutions, and digital models and tools have become a part of our everyday life. 

Norconsult covers large parts of the Nordic region with our services, and in Norway alone we have around 60 geologists or engineering geologists in our staff. With technical advisors in large urban areas and smaller local communities, we contribute with our local knowledge and know-how in planning and design to solve any challenge related to our field of expertise. In addition to traditional expertise in engineering geology we also have specialized knowledge within rockmass that produces acidic run-off and wastewater, tunnel discharge/blasting underwater, and snow avalanches. 

We have central approval for design and control of geotechnics (all sub-areas) in project class 3. 

  • Anders Kr. Vik

    Head of Department Engineering Geology

  • Ingvar Tyssekvam

    Team manager Engineering Geology/Technical Director, Trondheim

  • Torgeir Sandøy

    Team manager Geology, Bergen

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