Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Norconsult has extensive experience and interdisciplinary expertise in the oil and gas industry, acquired over 50 years of development projects. Our industrial expertise and local presence position us as a leading advisory services provider for terminal facilities located along the Norwegian coast.

As an independent engineering services provider to the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, we manage the entire value chain, from studies and early design phases to detailing, planning, construction, and commissioning. 

Developing onshore facilities necessitates capacity, broad professional expertise and a comprehensive understanding of constructing complex facilities that involve multiple stakeholders and challenging planning and construction schedules. Furthermore, developments projects often occur on existing facilities in operation. Successful project execution requires extensive experience, interdisciplinary collaboration, and in-depth knowledge of construction execution, contract strategy, planning, and implementation models. 

Norconsult has, in close collaboration with operators and EPCIC actors (turnkey contractors) gained this knowledge through successfully undertaking various small and large projects on the different land-based terminal facilities in Norway. 

As existing onshore terminals require upgrades and robustification to extend their lifespan and ensure a safe energy supply for future generations, the industry is transitioning towards more sustainable solutions. Norconsult actively contributes to this green transition by participating in several projects involving upgrades, electrification, carbon capture & storage, and energy gas production. 

Our main services encompass all disciplines within building and construction works, such as architecture, steel, concrete, HVAC, electrical, automation, and infrastructure, in addition to external and working environment. 

  • Gisle H. Fagerlid

    Head of department

  • Per Kristian Nesse

    Senior Project Manager

  • Stian Carl Erichsen

    Prosjektdirektør Energigasser

  • Jørgen Flatholm

    Senior Project Manager

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