wood processing

Pulp and paper and forestry industry

Norconsult boasts a vast range of experience in both the pulp and paper industry as well as the forestry industry. When clients select us as their advisory service, they can rest assured that they will receive proficient advisors for the development and execution of their projects.

Through utilising Norconsult's advisory team, our customers gain access to a dedicated group of advisors with a comprehensive understanding of all relevant disciplines in industrial projects. Norconsult possesses all the necessary expertise, and our customers can trust that all information is processed and managed with the highest degree of security and quality. 

Our employees are readily available to assist customers with their industrial projects from the idea phase, through the design, implementation, and necessary operational phases. Furthermore, Norconsult's employees prioritise customer involvement in the planning process to ensure that all their requirements and needs are met. 

  • Geir Thune

    Senior Adviser

  • Helge Skattebo

    Project manager/civil engineer

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