Bathing facilities

Many bathing facilities today face large investments due to increased maintenance needs. We are involved and take responsibility for the bathing facilities of the future and offer an overall concept from start to finish.

Within our overall concept for bathing facilities, we can offer experience and competence through the entire life cycle of the assignment. Thanks to the collective knowledge of our specialists, we have developed effective methods and forms of cooperation where we participate in all project phases; from preliminary studies and documentation to political decisions, to planning and inspection.


Our architects specializing in bathing facilities are proficient in the complexity of bathing facilities with large investments, logistics, the needs of the businesses, legal requirements, moisture issues and construction technology. We also have a certified accessibility expert with bathhouse expertise. We are also hired as experts and lecturers.

Bath water purification

We have extensive experience in bathing water management and can offer a complete range of services from pre-study to completed building documents. With the collective competence of our experts, we have the opportunity to handle all forms of contracting and can act both as the client's expert or as the contractor's planning support. We work with all types of bathing facilities, from large adventure pools to smaller spa facilities.


We are well acquainted with the possibilities and challenges of acoustics found in swimming facilities. Many projects, where we have both planned and verified the project goals, have given us the broad knowledge base required to find the right solutions for the specific facility. We define the acoustic end product and assist with expert competence until the building is inaugurated. 


Our landscape architects and landscape engineers have extensive experience in investigating, designing and projecting outdoor environments. With our interdisciplinary competence, we can create comprehensive solutions and be involved in everything from early investigations to the design and detailed planning of new and remodeling projects in both public and private environments. Read more about landscape architecture here.


We visualize the intended vision and goal in 3D through illustrations/pictures or as a film.

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