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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness measures can help reduce risk to an acceptable level when prevention of incidents is not sufficient. We offer services within emergency preparedness to a wide range of players - from rescue agencies to the industry and service providers.

Sometimes requirements for preparedness are also independent level of risk, for example for certain types of activities or businesses. We have developed guidance material for analyses and preparedness for The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB), the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian Environment Agency, and the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Our advisers have also contributed to the development of Norwegian Standard 5814:2021 Requirements for risk assessments, which cover both intentional (security) and unintentional incidents.  


Emergency preparedness analyses 

We offer emergency preparedness analyses which form the connection between risk analyses and operational preparedness. Preparedness includes organisational factors, equipment, competence, and planning. In the preparedness analysis, we use a set of criteria for the selection of dimensioning events. By defining operational goals/ambitions, the need for competence, personnel, and resources to handle incidents are identified. The result is preparedness that is anchored in risk analyses and professionally well-founded. Our emergency preparedness analyses are the foundation for developing an effective and easy-to use contingency plan.  


All types of emergency drills 

Every contingency plan needs to be exercised. We have extensive experience in conducting all types of emergency exercises - from short warning exercises and scenario-based games to physical exercises with several hundred participants. To increase the learning effect, some exercises can last for several days where participants experience a gradual build-up of hazardous situations, resulting in full mobilisation on the day of the exercise. We also offer third-party evaluation of exercises. 

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    Manager, Emergency Preparedness, Water Supply

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