school yard with playground

School and Kindergarten

The buildings and outdoor areas we spend time in during the first 20 years of our lives, have a significant impact. Physical environments that stimulate and enrich our sensory and spatial experiences are a good starting point for creating timeless architecture.

Thoughtful interaction between all our architectural disciplines - building, interior, and landscape - come together to create good learning spaces.

One of the most important things we contribute to in our school and kindergarten planning, is to create stimulating learning spaces both indoors and outdoors. This gives users a good starting point for further learning in life. These are buildings and outdoor areas that must withstand high activity and heavy use. Our interdisciplinary focus ensures solutions that work for children and young people in all situations, whether it is deep concentration or high activity. 

Children and young people should get more out of their kindergartens and schools than they have traditionally been planned for. We want to influence people's well-being by creating spaces that stimulate and invite to learning and mastery.  

We want to create spatial connections with as most natural materiality as possible, because this contributes to awareness of our surroundings. Children and young people should notice the qualities of the areas they stay in and around. Good aesthetics and quality of the surroundings stay with us throughout life, and the influence begins already in kindergartens and schools.  

  • Siril Betten

    Manager, Interior Architecture

  • Hilda Øfsthus

    Manager, Landscape Architecture

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