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Societal Safety

Our goal is to contribute to a a safer society by enhancing societal safety. Societal safety refers to the ability of a society to maintain its critical social functions, protect its citizens, and manage events that threaten the values we hold dear, such as the life and health of our citizens. Our team of experienced advisers and process leaders are dedicated to assisting you with your safety and security challenges.

Prevention and preparedness are key elements 

Our approach to societal safety focuses on prevention and preparedness, which we consider to be key elements. Events that may affect us can be triggered by natural disasters, technical or human errors, or deliberate actions by a threat actor. It is crucial to be proactive and take effective measures to reduce our vulnerability. We work with various types of businesses to reduce their vulnerability through effective preventive measures and establish appropriate emergency solutions based on their risk and vulnerability assessments. This applies to managers of critical infrastructure, urban planners, emergency services, municipalities, directorates, ministries, and private businesses. 

We manage investigation and analysis processes, where cooperation with our customers and professional environments is central. Our strength is the interdisciplinary expertise and detailed knowledge within our entire service portfolio, which gives us a good position to meet your needs. Furthermore, it gives us the opportunity to gather experience and expertise across sectors and public and private organisations, contributing to the development of community security work. 


Strong expertise in risk and vulnerability analysis 

Our strength lies in our expertise in risk and vulnerability analysis. As part of our work, we include community safety in municipalities' land-use objectives and planning. Our resources are among Norway's leading in the preparation of risk and vulnerability analyses according to international standards and requirements. We believe in promoting societal safety in land-use planning by making a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the plans on society and the population. These analyses help build safe and robust local communities. 

  • Kevin Medby

    Societal Safety Manager

  • Marte Elverum

    Risk and Vulnerability Analyses, Emergency Services and Critical infrastructure Expert

  • Camilla Amundsen

    Security and Emergency Preparedness for Drinking Water Supply Expert

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