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Real Estate and Property Development

Physical planning and decision-making processes are becoming increasingly more complex and comprehensive. This increases the need for rational and holistic planning with a particular focus on the environment, aesthetics, and cost-effective solutions. Norconsult ensures a predictable process when entering into dialogue with public authorities - from planning a project to completion.

Norconsult has solid expertise and experience in land use planning, property advisory, land development, impact assessments and building permit processes. We can lead the entire process and ensure a comprehensive and successful implementation in line with desired development. We can take on the role of strategic advisor, workshop or process leader, and assist with property-related matters such as partitioning and resectioning, partitioning off, development agreements and reimbursement. 

Planning and building permit processes require a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to find good solutions. Our experience from both private sector and public administration makes us good at assessing property development opportunities based on site conditions and municipal frameworks. 

Planning and building permit processes can be unpredictable. Our planners and responsible applicants are well acquainted with the legislation and requirements from public authorities. They will therefore be ahead of the curve when it comes to addressing the challenges that must be addressed at the right time and ensure smooth processes. We are concerned with participation and developing plans that contribute to sustainable development, both environmentally, socially, and economically. 

  • Martine Haaland

    Head of Planning Department

  • Marianne Tenold

    Head of Building Permits and Real Estate Department

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