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Society and Urban Planning

Norconsult is committed to work for future generations and plans urban societies based on sustainability and forward-looking design.

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Aiming to solve future challenges, we take a great number of demands and expectations into consideration when planning tomorrow’s societies. Through holistic planning of cities, places, and infrastructure, we contribute to building sustainable societies. We are eager to provide solutions that are both sustainable and adaptable and aligned with the demands of our clients, the environment and society as a whole.  

Contributing to the transition to a more sustainable society, we must understand the relationships and driving forces of social development. At Norconsult, we have established an interdisciplinary arena that helps you identify and choose robust mobility solutions that will shape and improve today’s and future’s societies. 

Our urban planners have profound knowledge and understanding of structural changes and local conditions. We manage projects according to clear objectives and translate these into concrete and feasible measures. We provide sustainable solutions that respond to today's challenges while taking future needs into account. 

Society and urban planning in Norconsult consists of planners, architects, lawyers, specialists in real estate, social scientists, social economists, and engineers, among others. We emphasize a holistic understanding and feasible solutions in all our projects. Thus, we consider it a great advantage to be a part of a large interdisciplinary company with a wide number of offices across the Nordic countries. 

With us, you will find one of the Nordic's leading and preferred specialist environments within society and urban planning. We work at international, national, and municipal levels, and for public and private clients. We offer strategic consultancy, project development and implementation of all processes in early project phases and within various sectors.  

  • Thora Heieraas

    EVP Society and Urban Planning division

  • Edel Hovland Nordang

    Marketing Coordinator Society Planning

  • Tine Villadsen Gundersen

    Marketing Coordinator Planning and Urban Planning

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