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Climate Change Risk and Climate Adaptation

Climate change affects everyone, and it's crucial to act on reducing emissions and adapting to the changing climate. Norconsult offers expert advice on assessing climate change risk and developing effective climate adaptation strategies.

Climate change risk includes physical risks from natural hazards and climate change impacts, as well as transition risks associated with the shift towards a low-emission society. Climate adaptation involves measures to make infrastructure and buildings resilient to changing climate conditions, reducing the risk of value depreciation from severe weather events. 

With our vast expertise, we can accurately map physical climate risks in projects and offer tailored advisory services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our assessments adhere to recognized standards like the EU taxonomy and BREEAM, and our team of advisors is committed to identifying climate adaptation measures for activities that face substantial risks. We always tailor our recommendations to the unique requirements of each project. 

We conduct thorough mapping of transition risks at the company level, analyzing various future scenarios to identify relevant risks and opportunities for our clients' businesses. By modeling drivers specific to our clients' operations and prioritizing risk management, we create decision-making frameworks that facilitate the implementation of effective measures. Our interdisciplinary teams are tailored to meet our client’s needs, ensuring efficient project management for optimal results.  

  • Ingve Olai Ulimoen

    Sustainability Manager for Buildings and Property

  • Tore Andre Hermansen

    Senior Risk Analyst

  • Julie Sandli Danbolt

    Experienced Project Manager for Climate Adaptation Projects

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