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Industrial Architecture

In sustainable industrial architecture, it is important to plan smart buildings not larger than necessary. They must have rational floor plans and be made of sustainable materials and have detailing that will last over time. This is what we at Norconsult mean by Timeless Architecture.

We plan buildings and facilities within all our service areas. Norwegian industrial and architectural history shows well-designed buildings that have been drawn by renowned architects and have stood the test of time for over 120 years. Industrial buildings are complex, and there is a lot of specialisation required to understand what it takes for an industrial building to be successful. Our architects have extensive experience and broad expertise in this field. 

We design small and large power stations, water treatment plants, workshops, fire stations, recycling stations, factories, data storage centres, elevation pools, fish farms with visitor centres, and more. There is a need for greater interdisciplinary understanding in this type of project. Therefore, we work closely with our engineering disciplines to ensure the best possible solutions. 

An important characteristic of planning industrial buildings is that they almost always contain workplaces, in addition to serving an important function related to what the building produces. This motivates us. We are committed to ensure that the buildings are functional and beautiful and will stand up well in the environment in which they are located.   

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