Technical drawing of ventilation in tunnel

Tunnel Ventilation

Robust and reliable solutions contribute to good air quality and fire safety in tunnels. Our experts in fluid mechanics and tunnel ventilation work with several of Norconsult's other disciplines to ensure comprehensive ventilation solutions.

We have extensive experience in designing ventilation systems in tunnel systems for both road and railway projects. We contribute in all phases of the projects, both for new tunnel projects and rehabilitation projects. We are committed to finding robust and reliable solutions that help increase safety and ensure good air quality in tunnels. 


Our services include:  

  • Dimensioning of ventilation systems in road-, railway-, and subway tunnels, and underground stations 
  • Assessment of ventilation to extract pollution in normal operation
  • Assessment of fire ventilation
  • Dimensioning of ventilation shafts
  • Optimisation of control strategies for ventilation systems in tunnels
  • Calculation of fire ventilation as input to emergency preparedness analyses and plans
  • Assessment of appropriate regulation of fire ventilation based on the characteristics of the tunnel
  • Smoke front displacement and toxicity assessments
  • Ventilation in various types of underground facilities (cable tunnels, caverns, mines, power stations, etc.)
  • Calculation of frost infiltration and climate in tunnels
  • Assessment of cooling and ventilation needs for technical installations in tunnels and rock chambers
  • Construction ventilation, dimensioning of ventilation systems for construction work in tunnels
  • Conducting air velocity measurements in tunnels. The results of tests can provide a basis for optimising the ventilation system for increased safety in case of fire and reduced operating costs.


Tunnel ventilation is part of the CFD and fluid dynamics. Our main software tool is IDA tunnel. 

  • Jens W. Bjerkelund

    Head of CFD and Applied Fluid mechanics

  • Lene Jermstad

    Technical Manager, Tunnel Ventilation

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