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Mining and Mining Industry

The mining industry holds great importance for Norconsult, as we actively engage in projects related to the extraction and refining of mineral deposits. Our comprehensive range of services includes government processing, impact assessments and engineering design.

Due to the growing demand for metals and minerals, particularly in new energy production and storage, there is an increasing need for exploration and extraction of deposits. At Norconsult, we contribute to the early stages of such projects by conducting impact assessments, environmental assessments, and establishing contact with government entities. 

During the production phase, we carefully plan the technical infrastructure, such as buildings, conveyors, water, air, and electrical systems in mining areas and processing plants. Additionally, we design technical support systems for the processing plants, including ventilation and dust removal, to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Our extensive expertise in material transport and logistics is also applied in our mining industry projects. 

Norconsult offers a comprehensive range of engineering disciplines, and our local offices located in all parts of the country provide valuable insights into local conditions, thus ensuring the highest level of service to our clients.  

  • Morten Rimer

    Head of local office, Mo i Rana

  • Åge Antonsen

    Head of local office, Kirkenes

  • Per Espen Kristofersen

    Department Manager, Industrial Process and Ventilation

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