Piping system for water and sewage

Water and wastewater pipeline infrastructure

Norconsult designs all types of water and sewage pipeline systems for both public and private clients - from selecting the best solution, developing main plans, cost estimation and preliminary design, to detailed design, tender documents and construction management.

We find sustainable and cost-effective solutions for water and sewage pipelines. Our employees throughout the country design main and branch pipelines for all categories: pressure pipelines, gravity pipelines, shallow pipelines, sea pipelines, pipes in walkable culverts, shared routes with other infrastructure, pipelines in boreholes and internal rehabilitation of existing pipelines. 

We have high expertise in material selection, trenching solutions and all types of manhole constructions. We evaluate traditional frost-free laying against shallow pipelines where costs, reuse and environmental conditions in a life-cycle perspective are taken into account. We work closely with other professional groups in Norconsult within geotechnics, engineering geology, road and landscape. 

We have a large group of professionals working with model-based implementation using 3D and BIM. This gives you fast deliveries and access to expertise for the most complex tasks. 

  • Ina Bekkum

    Department Manager Water - Transportation Systems and Transport

  • Håvar Brøndbo

    Department Manager Water and Transport

  • Svein Storrvik

    Project Director

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