wiring for water and sewage


NoDig is a term for trenchless methods of installing and renewing pipelines for water and sewage systems, district heating, and cables. There is an increasing focus on sustainability in terms of the environment, social aspects, and costs in pipeline projects.

There is a significant need for renewing water and sewage pipelines both nationally and internationally. Norconsult is a leader in sustainable construction projects and has a high level of expertise in all trenchless pipeline installation methods and manhole rehabilitation. This requires the use of suitable tools and innovative solutions to meet your needs. 

NoDig technology contributes to increased sustainability through cost savings, lower environmental impact, and less impact on third parties. We work with NoDig assessment in all phases from concept studies to detailed design, from system level to solution execution. 

At Norconsult, we have specialists in pipeline systems with knowledge of drilling and pressing methods for both rock and loose materials, and renewal of water and sewage pipelines using all types of NoDig methods. Together with you, we can define project goals based on your needs and find the best and most sustainable method for your project. 

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