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Building Management and Valuation Services

Effective property management is crucial for strategic portfolio choices, value-preserving development, maintenance of buildings and cost-effective operation. Norconsult offers extensive expertise in building and property management and valuation, providing valuable benefits to clients who are responsible for building management.

A well-defined property strategy, competent organization and robust management tools are essential for making informed strategic choices and ensuring value development in a property portfolio. Our viability analyses and cost estimates provide valuable insights to aid in balancing adaptable buildings with increasing demands for sustainability, reuse, and preservation. 

Planned, value-preserving maintenance of buildings is not only financially profitable but also essential for the long-term durability of the assets. Our services, such as condition assessments and maintenance plans, are designed to ensure profitability, and we utilize advanced technologies such as drones and 3D photo scanning to enhance our work in this area. 

Buildings with conservation status hold both economic and cultural-historical value. Our experts in antique buildings and cultural heritage provide specialized assistance in this field. When it comes to new buildings, decisions made during the planning phase can impact their management for decades to come. We provide guidance on choices that ensure efficient operation and maintenance, as well as flexibility for future changes. Our certified advisers in BREEAM and EU Taxonomy ensure sustainable solutions are integrated into the building design. 

Our experienced certified appraisers are specialized in residential and commercial buildings, value and damage appraisals, natural disaster assessments, complaints, and technical Due Diligence. We are also well-versed in providing expert testimony in court. 

  • Anders Overrein

    Head of Building Management and Valuation Department

  • Marit Støre-Valen

    PhD/Expert in Building and Property Management 

  • Kjetil Troset

    Group Leader Valuation Services

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