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Geo Sciences and Environment

Norconsults team is one of Norway's leading in Geosciences and Environmental Engineering. Our employees have experience from all engineering industries and broad expertise in implementing effective and sustainable solutions.

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Our goal is to create added value in our clients’ everyday lives. We cover all phases of consultancy and engineering, from feasibility and impact assessments to detailed engineering and construction supervision. We show you how to take advantage of the opportunities in the Green Shift, where creative processes are a natural part of our work methodology. 

Environmental Engineering   

Our engineers are at the forefront of Environmental Engineering and Sustainability in Norway and we always put the customer’s needs first. We utilise cutting-edge modelling and visualization tools in our daily work to ensure that all relevant data is synthesised in an appropriate format prior to decision making. Our interdisciplinary teams deliver on a wide range of topics, from traditional Environmental Engineering assignments to new fields such as EU Taxonomy’s technical criteria. Our ambition is to help customers prioritize the right decisions for their project or organisation based on a shared understanding of actions that create value.   

Geotechnical engineering 

Norconsult’s team of geotechnical engineering professionals provides end-to-end geotechnical consulting services in all industry sectors. Our local presence in regional offices throughout Norway and Sweden provides us with the necessary insights to understand local conditions and our clients’ needs.  

Our team of geotechnical engineers has broad experience that covers all aspects of geotechnical design. Our services include planning and supervision of ground investigations, design of foundations, deep excavations, retaining walls, embankments and ground improvement, as well as stability and settlement assessments. Our expertise in advanced numerical analyses (FEM), computer programming and modelling (BIM, PIM) also provides us with the necessary tools to carry out the most complex designs, and to ultimately provide client value. 

Engineering geology 

Norconsult has been involved in developing Norwegian rockscience since the start of the hydropower era in the 1920s, where overall understanding has always been central. We have extensive experience in the utilization of rock and underground space, including tunnel projects and storage facilities for oil and gas products. 

Norconsult offers complete services in engineering geology, rock mechanics, and rockslide risk assessments, from feasibility studies and design to construction follow-up. Designing underground facilities is one of our main business areas, and our position in designing and advising on rock facilities and the utilisation of the underground is recognised in and outside of Norway. We are involved in both the large interdisciplinary projects and the smaller unidisciplinary assignments above and below ground. 

  • Bente Gjerstad

    SVP Geo Sciences, Environment and Safety

  • Vegard Kvisle

    Department Manager Environmental Engineering

  • Anders Kr. Vik

    Department Manager Engineering Geology

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