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Health, Safety and Work Environment

Our experienced consultants at Norconsult can assist your business and projects with everything related to HSE. We collaborate daily with clients to ensure Safety, Health and working environment in both small and large construction and infrastructure projects.

We assist with everything related to HSE, from identifying legal requirements and setting goals, to developing, implementing, and operating management systems.

This includes among others:  

  • Carrying out risk assessments 
  • Occupational health and/or hygiene assessments 
  • Safe storage and handling of chemicals,  
  • Measuring exposure to gas, dust, noise etc.  
  • Follow-up of unwanted incidents 
  • Training 
  • Internal audits according to recognized international principles and methods. 

We have many employees with high competence to fulfil the roles in the Construction Client Regulation on behalf of the Client as coordinator for both the project preparations phase and the execution phase, as well as the role as client representative. Our expert network within the Construction Client regulations, has approximately 200 active members located throughout Norway. As part of our deliveries, we also assist in the preparation and follow-up of the clients' plans for safety, health and work environment with associated risk assessments during the execution phase. 

Our skilled employees also provide courses and training in the Construction Client regulation.  

  • Tobias Josefsson

    Head of HSE

  • Liv Strøm

    Senior Advisor HSE

  • Magnhild Eliassen

    Senior Adviser HSE

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