Cheves Hydropower Project, Peru

The Cheves Hydropower Project in Peru is owned by Statkraft SF and is a typical high head in rock solution with Norconsult design. Construction started late 2010 and the hydropower plant has been in commercial operation since late 2015. Norconsult has been involved in the Project since the initial evaluations in the 1990s through completion of construction.

Project name

Cheves Hydropower Project, Peru


Empresa de Generation Electrica Cheves SA (owned by Statkraft SF)


South America

Time span

1990 to 2017


The project is located some 100 km North-East of Lima at an altitude about 2, 000 meters above sea level, surrounded by 4,000–6,000 meters high mountains that gather rain and snow giving an average run-off of 22 m3/s from a catchment area of 1700km2. This is utilized in a fall of 600m over a distance of 12 km. Cheves HPP has an installed capacity of 168 MW, with an annual production of 837 GEh. The project has been a challenge for both Norconsult and owner Statkraft SF as it is located in the Andes with its young geology and steep and high mountains, risk for earthquakes, floods and mudflows and is constantly fed with huge amounts of sediment.


Services provided in the development phase include review of Feasibility Study, Tender Design and Contracts preparation including specifications and participation in contract negotiations with contractor and suppliers. The Contract Structure for implementation has been through FIDIC Red Book for Civil Works and FIDOC Yellow Book for Electro-Mechanical Equipment and tie-in Transmission Line. Under this “split contract regime” Norconsult has been Owners Engineer with responsibility for detailed design and construction supervision, towards the end of construction in an integrated team with the owner. Norconsult also coordinated interphase between the different disciplines of the Project. At the construction site, Norconsult has been present with a Construction Management and Supervison team of about 70 persons. The detailed design of civil works has been performed at Norconsults offices both in Lima (Peru), Santiago (Chile) and at Norconsult Head Office in Sandvika.

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