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As Norway's largest consultant in transportation, we contribute to creating efficient and environmentally friendly transportation of people and goods. We have unique expertise and significant capacity in all relevant fields for planning, evaluation and analysis, and designing good transportation facilities. Infrastructure is one of the cornerstones of Norconsult's history.

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Our expertise is built around four focus areas - roads and streets, railways, metro lines and tramways, airports, and ports and waterways. We assist with everything from early stages and evaluations to construction plans, turnkey contracts, and operation and maintenance. Through our many large and small projects, we work every day to improve the daily lives of each individual traveller in Norway. 

We are a total consultant of advisory services, where leadership, project management, and development of sustainable solutions are also central to everything we do. With us, you can discuss contract models, implementation models, and cost-effective solutions for your project. Project risk and traffic safety are top priorities for us. Our infrastructure environment is a leader in planning and design, and we solve tasks from impact assessments to zoning plans, turnkey contracts, and operations monitoring. Even though we are well-equipped to handle and solve the most complex infrastructure projects, we like to work in all phases of small, medium, and large projects for both public and private clients. 

Our employees take great pleasure in developing innovative solutions for tomorrow's transportation and mobility solutions. In connection with this, we have received several awards and accolades for our digital competence in numerous projects within all our fields. Fully digital projects are our preferred delivery, where VDC also plays a central role. For us, digitalisation in the industry is about using the right tools and good processes and implementation models. By solving technical issues and society's project needs, we demonstrate daily that good advice provides societal benefits that exceed the cost of an intervention. 

The requirements we set for ourselves for sustainability and quality constitute an important competitive advantage. We are leaders in sustainable development and want to develop the entire Norwegian construction industry in a positive direction. We see that we can save society significant negative impact and have great confidence that our unique expertise and strong interdisciplinary approach contribute to creating a sustainable society. Together with customers, academia, and the industry as a whole, this provides positive results now and in the future. Our ambition is that there should be sustainability in everything we do. 

As a customer of Norconsult, you experience security for your project and that our advice provides significant value to your projects. As a future employee, partner, and customer, you will see that our solutions provide good answers to society's infrastructure challenges. We value good collaboration and that our project teams understand and perform at their best for the customer and their project challenges. 

  • Kristian Aunaas

    Head of Infrastructure, Norway

  • Johan Sivengård

    Head of Infrastructure, Sweden

  • Asbjørn Gjerding-Smith

    Bridges and construction

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