CCS Brevik Norcem

When the new CO2 capture facility at the Norcem cement factory in Brevik is built, Norconsult will be an important contributor. We will assist with engineering design services for the construction of the facility, which is the first of its kind in Norway.

Project name

CCS Brevik Norcem


Norcem Brevik AS



Time span

2019 to 2024

Key figures

Norway’s first full-scale capture facility for CO2


The cement industry is responsible for high CO2 emissions – five to eight percent of the total CO2 emissions in the world. In Norway, the share is two percent, and for Heidelberg Materials Brevik sementfabrikk, approximately 800,000 tons of CO2 annually. Heidelberg has a vision of zero emissions with respect to emissions from concrete products, capture CO2 from the production of cement is an important step to reach this goal.

The realisation of the project requires that the plant is modified. The carbon capture facility will be located alongside the existing cement kiln, the old adjacent kiln lines will be demolished to make room for the process area. Heat exchangers will be installed to extract energy to operate the facility. A new, higher chimney will be installed, and ducts will be rebuilt for connection to the capture facility and heat exchangers. Pipelines will be installed interconnecting the various parts of the carbon capture facilities.


Norconsult has assisted with interdisciplinary consultancy services, such as engineering design and preparation of technical documents for enquiries and technical assistance during tender evaluation and negotiations. In addition, Norconsult have performed detail design, technical follow-up and planning work related to a zoning change for the area. Close coordination and collaboration is essential for the completion of the project.

A selection of some of the structures designed by Norconsult:

  • Process building (Approx. 4.000 m2 with foundations for lage units such as: absorber, desorber and compressor units)
  • Underground piping at plant
  • Steel and concrete foundations for Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU’s)
  • New jetty situated at plant
  • New CO2-offloading jetty situated at “Breviksterminalen”
  • Maintenance center (Approx. 4500 m2 of workshop, offices, and canteen)
  • Steel bridges for transport of liquid CO2 and steam and condensate to WHRU’s
  • Tankfarm for storage liquid CO2
  • Power supply structures
  • Underground CO2 pipes from temporary storage to CO2 -offloading jetty
  • Heavy lift foundations
  • Miscellaneous modifications and updates of existing infrastructure at plant

In addition to engineering, preparation of tender documents and technical follow-up activities. A wide range of disciplines have been contributing to various tasks throughout the project.
A selection is provided below:

  • Planning of demolition and site preporational tasks
    Environmental, both related to permits and site-activities (on- and offshore)
  • Noise (both internal and external)
  • Geotechnical
  • Terminal, port and jetty design including mooring analysis
  • Construction management
  • Building permits and approvals from authorities
  • Tender process with contractors
  • Alteration of the zoning plan for the area
  • Specialists within varios topics for clarifications related to ongoing site-activities
    (e.g. process and piping specialists, metallurgists, specialist for concrete repair)
  • Construction planning and method statements
  • Underground piping
  • Architectural services
  • Fire/safety
  • HVAC
  • Responsible for the projects common 3D-model
  • Landscaping, roads and paving

Since large parts of the plant have existed for a long time (since 1919) and undergone several renovations over the yeats, there is much that is missing in old documentation.

Norconsult has used 3D scanning as an important tool for planning and engineering design for structures and solutions.


We are very satisfied with Norconsult's deliveries so far in the project. The fact that the company has local expertise and local key resources with detailed knowledge of the plant is a major advantage. At the same time, we know that Norconsult is much more than the local office, which means that there are many resources available if there is a need for it.

- Tor Gautestad, Project Manager Brevik CCS


Norconsult has contributed with professional expertise from early in the project and is committed to a successful realization where heavy industry and sustainability go hand in hand. With sustainability as a central strategic theme for Norconsult, this is a project where sustainability and environment are the driving forces

  • Jan Kristian Dolven

    Project Manager, BA/ Construction Engineering

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