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E39 Fjellvegen-Hafstadvegen

E39 Fjellvegen-Hafstadvegen, measure 14 in the Førde package, through the center south of Førde, Sunnfjord municipality. The project is being carried out as a turnkey contract for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, where Norconsult is responsible for the design on behalf of turnkey contractor Entreprenørservice AS.

Project name

E39 Fjellvegen-Hafstadvegen


Entreprenørservice AS


Førde, Sunnfjord kommune, Norway

Time span

2022 to 2024

Key figures

  • Norconsult has acted as advisor to turnkey contractor Entreprenørservice AS. In addition to being their designer for all disciplines, Norconsult also assists with support functions in their organization, such as design manager, BIM manager and YM manager.
  • Downtown project
  • New/diversion of E39 – 1.1 km
  • New pedestrian and cycle path
  • New municipal roads/streets
  • New square area – approx. 3000 m2
  • Extensive restructuring/establishment of technical infrastructure

The project

E39 Fjellvegen-Hafstadvegen is part (Measure 14) of the Førde package in Førde, Sunnfjord municipality. The aim of the Førde Package is to ensure an environmentally friendly and stable traffic situation in Førde, and to facilitate densification and urban development. The contract for the turnkey contract was signed on 7 March 2022 with Entreprenørservice AS as turnkey contractor and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration as the client.

The project is a complex and extensive downtown project. It stretches from east to west in the city center south of Førde and includes the new / diversion of the E39, pedestrian and bicycle paths and several municipal roads and streets. The new marketplace areas will also be established including one near the town hall in Førde. Additionally, a new low- and high-voltage plant, district heating system and a new municipal water and sewage network will be established.

Interdisciplinary collaboration