bread from Polarbröd


We at Norconsult started working with Polarbröd in the early 1990s. The business is in constant development, which has led to many projects together over the years. After the fire in the Älvsbyn bakery in 2020, we were given the assignment to project the reconstruction.

Examples of commitments carried out by Norconsult include architectural and construction documents, land and geoprojection as well as planning of heating, cooling, ventilation, electricity and control and regulation technology. We have also carried out calculations, procurement processes, project management, climate and energy investigations and inspections.

Reconstruction of the bakery

When Polarbröd's factory in Älvsbyn suffered a severe fire in 2020, large parts of the facility were completely destroyed. During the same year, we were entrusted to design stage one, the first part of the new bakery and freezer in Älvsbyn. After the completion of stage one, we have been entrusted to project Polarbröd's further expansion of stage two.

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