Sollentuna Hospital, aerial view

Sollentuna Hospital

On behalf of Locum and Stockholm County Council, we create modern care environments as part of the health care of the future.

As part of Stockholm County Council's investment in the health care of the future, Sollentuna Hospital has been completely rebuilt as a modern local hospital and specialist center. The hospital contains approximately 230 modern beds for geriatric and other specialized somatic care, combined with a specialist center designed to support geriatric care. There is also rehab, memory care, radiology, testing and both MRI and CT scans. There will also be a surgical unit for day surgery.

Nature theme

A leading idea in the design is that the hospital should blend into its immediate environment and that the surrounding greenery and the nearby Edsviken should be reflected in the interior. This is done by adding elements of wood and plants, which creates a dynamic nature theme. The theme is recurring in all parts of the hospital with extra focus on patient-dense areas such as the entrance hall, waiting room and day room.

The co-operation with Norconsult has worked very well. You have done a very good job in the project with commitment and shown valuable knowledge in the design of the new care facilities.

- Mikael Trautmann, Project Manager, Locum

The patient in focus

Sollentuna Hospital is designed from a health-promoting perspective where the patient's care needs are in focus. The redevelopment creates an environment that enables and supports collaboration and co-utilisation to provide the best conditions for both patients and private and public healthcare providers.

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