The Bodø tunnel

The opening of the Bodø tunnel in April 2019 was an important event for Norconsult and the city’s residents. Norway’s latest state-of-the-art road tunnel will reduce commuter queues for 17,000 motorists in Bodø.

Project name

The Bodø tunnel


Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration)



Time span

2011 to 2019


The project is part of the RV 80 Hunstadmoen–Thallekrysset project in Bodø and will result in better road navigability and residential environment along the existing road.


Norconsult provided planning and engineering design for the project from 2011 to the opening. Technical solutions are designed in 3D and interdisciplinary BIM models have been prepared for all disciplines. Norconsult has been responsible for 40 disciplines. The project involved replacing the existing three-lane road on the RV 80 highway with a 2.8-kilometre long bidirectional tunnel (the Bodø tunnel) between Hunstadmoen and the Bodø river. The completed project was extremely well received due to significant time-saving for motorists, well designed footpaths, cycle paths and park, and improved vehicle navigability. The trout stocks in the Bodø river were considered the whole time.


The tunnel systems maintains safety in normal operations and in incidents. Features like lighting varies, and is automatically adapted to daylight in strong sunlight. A camera outside the tunnel registers the strength of daylight. The signals are then sent for regulation by the lighting system. Radio systems, emergency phones, barriers and signs are automatically controlled and can also be managed remotely from the road traffic control centre. In the event of incidents, pre-programmed actions will be implemented and the tunnel closed. The emergency services will be able to access the tunnel in such situations. Video surveillance with automatic incident detection sends an alarm to the road traffic control centre in the event of unusual incidents. Lane signals will automatically be switched on if lanes are closed. The project has been managed from Norconsult’s office in Bodø, with help from Norconsult’s teams in Mo i Rana, Sandvika and Trondheim.

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