Täby public swimmingpool

At the former gallop field in Täby there is now a new swimming hall. Norconsult won the assignment to design and project the facility, which offers a complete range for the whole family.

The large pool rooms are given a stable and calm weight by high-gloss black terrazzo facades, while the other parts are given an expressive expression by white glittering backlit facades that advertise the bath towards the entrance square and passers-by in the city. Inside, the architects have created a welcoming feel with warm shades of terracotta and orange in the central core and blue and turquoise in the pool rooms.

Accessibility in focus

The design of the swimming hall is based on a clear design idea with a division of the swimming hall's volumes that helps visitors orient themselves through the different parts of the bath. Accessibility has been an important aspect throughout the project because the facility must suit all the residents' needs and functional variations, regardless of whether it concerns club life, exercisers, rehabilitation or families.

A swimming pool with something for everyone

Visitors have access to a competition pool of 50 x 25 meters with stands, two teaching pools with an adjustable pool bottom, a family pool with water slides with a drop height of ten meters. In the bathhouse there is also a gym and a restaurant for visitors directly connected to the pools.

The facility includes water activities for everyone from baby to seniors, water training and swimming for exercisers, swimming lessons for schools, wellness and rehabilitation, community life, and of course for the whole family with recreation, training and play.

Norconsult's architects are specialists in their field and have with their competence contributed to our needs being met in an efficient and good way. In the issues that were unique to bathhouses, we received support and guidance, they listened and reasoned to come up with the best solutions for our swimming pool. We've felt safe throughout the process, and we've gotten a lot of bang for our buck.

- - Ingemar Sjöstedt, Head of Unit at Täby municipality and och purchaser of Täby public swimmingpool

Miljöbyggnad silver

In addition to architecture, Norconsult has had several competencies involved in the project such as bathing water purification, acoustics, visualization as well as BAS-P and CAD/BIM coordination.

The site's geotechnical conditions made it advantageous for the entire building to be placed above existing ground. On the ground floor, there are wellness rooms, staff rooms and technology spaces, as well as the main entrance that welcomes all visitors. The swimming hall is designed to achieve Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Täby public swimmingpool has been nominated for this year's city planning award in Täby.

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