Center for sports and culture, Sweden

CIK - Center for sports and culture in Knivsta is a combination of premises for both sports and culture in the same facility. We won the assignment to draw and project the facility.

Winner of the "Mixed use awards" at the European Property Awards 2022

The goal of CIK is that there should be something for everyone, both sports and culture. The facility consists of two large sports halls, a martial arts venue, a performing arts venue, an ice rink and common communication areas with a café, storage, offices and conference rooms. Here, conditions are created for meetings between many different people and interests.

Cross-disciplinary cooperation

We have been involved with several of our disciplines in the project. Where we have drawn, projected acoustics, AV technology, commercial kitchen, landscape, stage technology, interior design, accessibility and BIM-coordinated for the entire facility.

Our architects and landscape architects have been responsible for the overall design of the house, both inside and out. The design of the facility's wooden performing arts venue has been carried out in close collaboration between our architects and acousticians. Here, the architects have designed the venue based on the requirements given by the acousticians to obtain adjustable salsa acoustics, and an AV technician ensures that all kinds of performing arts will work - music, theatre, speeches and conferences.

Our interdisciplinary way of working creates a holistic view. We have had an ongoing dialogue with the municipality about what the environment means for a facility like this, for the building itself but also for the municipality as a whole.

Passive house certified facility

CIK has been built according to the "Passive House" principle, which means that it will be very energy efficient. The material choices are made based on where the properties come into their own best. CIK was inaugurated in December 2019.

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