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Holmaneset Green Ammonia Pre-FEED Fortescue

Norconsult has completed the Pre-FEED study for a 300 MW green ammonia production facility, aimed at producing 225,000 tons of ammonia yearly using 40,000 tons of green hydrogen. Located near the Nordgulen fjord, about 8 km west of Svelgen in Bremanger, Western Norway, this facility's design showcases Norconsult's engineering expertise across a wide range of disciplines. Our value and data-driven concept selection framework ISY Decision Making, was recognized by Fortescue, and are now being adopted as a standard model for maturing other projects for Fortescue globally.

Project name

Holmaneset Green Ammonia Pre-FEEDFortescue



Time span


Key figures

300 MW

225,000 tons NH3 

40,000 tons H2

Norconsult secured value improvement of €250 million.


Norconsult was entrusted with a significant role in the Holmaneset Project for Fortescue. This project is pivotal to Fortescue’s strategic emission goal, focusing on the production of green hydrogen and ammonia to decarbonize challenging sectors such as mining and shipping.

The primary task for Norconsult was the execution of the Pre-FEED Study. This study was crucial in evaluating the feasibility of establishing green ammonia production and assosiatec export facilities at the Holmaneset site. It involved a comprehensive analysis across various engineering disciplines, integrating environmental sustainability and social responsibility with the engineering design. The goal was to effectively manage concept optionaility, environmental and social impacts, adhering to the timeline that included completing the study in 2023 and starting ammonia production by within 2027.

Economical feasibility was a key aspect of Norconsult's responsibilities, with the aim to design a project that balanced low CAPEX and OPEX, ensuring a sustainable commercial return. This involved detailed engineering designs capable of providing a capital cost estimate within a ±25% uncertainty range. Furthermore, Norconsult was tasked with initiating preliminary work such as site investigations to fast-track the construction process once approvals were granted. The construction strategy hinged on using local resources and expertise, drawing from experience in similar Norwegian projects. Safety was a top priority, with an emphasis on designing a facility that adhered to the 'As Low as Reasonably Practicable' (ALARP) safety principle, ensuring the protection of workers and the local community.


Norconsult's execution of the Project was marked by a strategic and methodical approach, prioritizing sustainable and innovative design. The process included detailed gap assessments to identify site-specific challenges and data deficiencies. The team engaged in cross-disciplinary collaboration to refine design, adapting it to Holmaneset's unique conditions. Employing a Value Improvement Process (VIP), Norconsult addressed concept optionalilty in our in-house ISY DM framework, and optimized the project for cost efficiency, schedule adherence, and sustainability, resulting in a comprehensive design covering facility layout, ammonia storage, and other critical infrastructure.

Additionally, in response to third party feedback on the plant development, Norconsult evaluated alternative layouts to minimize environmental impact and visual intrusion, particularly focusing on reducing land reclamation and addressing the cod spawning season's construction restrictions. This phase involved reassessing the project's layout, maintaining adherence to existing power and environmental plans, and producing visual renderings of the proposed modifications. This balanced approach ensured that all alternative layouts were rigorously explored, considering both environmental and project feasibility factors.

Norconsult’s dedication to the project, and willingness to collaborate with Fortescue’s own engineering team produced an excellent result for the Holmaneset Project

- Jason Quinn – Study Manager, Fortescue


The study delivered a wide range of notable outcomes, such as securing a significant value improvement of €250 million compared to the previous study phase.

Norconsult's adaptive approach in response to feedback led to the evaluation of alternative layouts, aiming to minimize environmental and visual impacts. This involved reducing land reclamation and considering construction restrictions during the cod spawning season. The revised project layout, while adhering to existing power and environmental plans, also included producing visual renderings for the proposed modifications.

This comprehensive and balanced exploration of alternative layouts underscores Norconsult's commitment to environmental sensitivity and project feasibility. Additionally, the European Union recognized the project's potential, awarding it a €200 million grant from its Innovation Fund.

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