The Grønnegården residential development comprising around 450 homes is a typical example of a 1970s residential building. The buildings originally covered two or three floors with concrete sections and minimal insulation.

Project name

Total renovation of Grønnegården residential development


Hasseris Boligselskab



Time span

2013 to 2019


The site was in a poor physical condition compared to modern standards. The buildings have been renovated to provide an attractive and sustainable residential development with varied home designs. The standard of the renovated buildings meets future requirements for energy consumption and has a smart architectural appearance and identity – both within the development and with the surrounding area. Around a third of the apartments will be adapted to residents with special needs. The apartments have been designed to be used by everyone, regardless of their disability. Most of these homes are in apartments with access from the ground floor. There is also a lift in to two of the buildings with three floors, so there is a varied offering of apartments with universal design


A close and effective collaboration was established with the housing cooperative and its board during the construction process. Norconsult has extensive experience of general plans and total renovation of residential buildings, and is aware of the importance of good dialogue with the residents. Norconsult's deliverables included architecture and engineering consultancy, all architectural phases, building, ground works, heating, ventilation and sanitation engineering


An important structural engineering consideration in the project was ensuring energy optimisation and a notable improvement in indoor climate conditions. All external walls have been post-insulated and given a new face wall, which greatly improves the architectural feel of the buildings. The development’s pathways and roads and communal areas have been adapted. Attractive and solid materials have been used to create a holistic interplay between the homes and external areas that is inspiring for both children and adults.

Interdisciplinary collaboration