Bærum resource bank

Extensive construction work will create enormous amounts of surplus materials in Bærum, Norway and the surrounding area over the next few years. In the Bærum resource bank project Norconsult is helping ensure that these materials are managed and used sustainably.

Project name

Bærum resource bank


Bærum municipality



Time span


Key figures

2017 - ongoing


In the next few years, the development of the Ringerike railway, the E16 and E18 motorways, the Fornebu light rail line, a new water supply for the city of Oslo and a new waterworks in Asker og Bærum municipalities will generate an enormous volume – around 21 million cubic meters – of surplus materials, mostly rock. The aim is to increase recycling and ensure better utilisation of the surplus materials. Norconsult has been hired to provide project and process management for Bærum municipality.


The key to the project is to establish an arena for collaboration to best manage surplus materials with a number of organisations and stakeholders. In the collaboration forum experiences are exchanged, and challenges are jointly overcome. An overview of surplus materials is established for all the construction projects. The forum identifies synergies between the projects, locates sites for surplus materials, assesses methods for optimal materials balance and prepares climate and financial models for optimised material transport. A key consideration has been reducing the distance between administration, construction clients and contractors, which requires dialogue at all levels. The project has established two solution groups, at ministry and directorate and at county administration level. The aim is to facilitate more sustainable material management regionally and nationally. The project has initiated changes in legislation for managing surplus materials.


Management of surplus materials requires close monitoring of environmental impacts, which demands better and faster measurement systems than are available today. Norconsult has been hired for a spin-off project to develop a real-time measurement system which measures the environmental impact of the management of surplus materials. The project is being executed as an innovative procurement. The market has shown great interest in the dialogue phase.

Interdisciplinary collaboration