Arctic Salmon Center

Norconsult has assisted Cermaq AS in the construction of a display center at its fish farming facility in Skutvik, Hamarøya, Nordland, Norway

Project name

Arctic Salmon Center


Cermaq AS



Time span

2017 to 2020


The Norconsult’s architects in Sandvika, Oslo and Tromsø in collaboration with engineering disciplines in Bodø and Sandvika were commissioned to design a display center for the fishing industry in 2017. The building will be an information center for Cermaq´'s fish farming activities, as well as a room for meetings, seminars, social gatherings and consists of exhibition areas, viewing rooms, a café and administration areas.


The center is located on a mountain ledge overlooking the ferry connection between Svolvær and Skutvik and with a view of the fish farm in the sea. The shape of the building is given by the shape of the mountain slope - the building settles in the terrain and the aim is to minimize the terrain intervention in the building. The inner disposition concentrates on the view to the fabulous nature and to the farm. Norconsult carried out the design of the assignment from the sketch phase until completion with a team consisting of an architect, project manager and a complete engineering team. There was also a focus on lighting planning in the form of lighting for various conditions both outside and inside the building, lighting planners from Norconsult assisted in this.


The result was a building that sneaks into the terrain and adapts to the conditions, while radiating integrity. The sparse window surfaces frame and emphasize the view. The exterior of the building is polymer composite panels with photo printing (graphics designed by the architect) from Steni AS facing the sea, cement-based panels facing the mountainside, heat-treated wood and concrete with table formwork. The interior has large areas of stained woodwork with different denominations to emphasize different parts of the area - some is a light «audience area», while some is a darker «view area». The exhibition area at the back of the building is completely without daylight to ensure good control of exhibitions.

  • Baard Hamran

    Seniorrådgiver Brannteknikk og prosjektadministrasjon

  • Peter Söderman

    Sector Lead Schools and Industry, Architect MNAL

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