Rosten Hydropower Project

The 86 MW Rosten HEP utilises a net head of 115 m along a 5 km section of the Gudbrandsdalslågen river. A 95m long, 20 meter high concrete gravity dam with two 14x7 m radial gates guides the water to the 50 m2 size head race tunnel. The power station is situated in a rock cavern and has three Francis turbines with a total discharge of 85 m3/s.

Project name

Rosten Hydropower Project, Norway


Eidsiva Vannkraft AS



Time span

2013 to 2019


Detail design and interface coordination of electromechanical equipment


Norconsult have been involved in all phases of the project from alternative analysis through preparation of tender documents and detailed design. The disciplines provided by Norconsult are Civil, Mechanical, Road, Engineering Geology, Geotechnical, HVAC, Risk Assessment and Management, HSE, Fire and Explosion Protection.

Interdisciplinary collaboration