Green Power Scenarios, Liberia

The “Green Power Scenarios” project is a desk top study of the development of the hydropower potentials in the St Paul River and St John River in Liberia.

Project name

Green Power Scenarios


Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy – Liberia / Norwegian Water & Energy Resources Directorate



Time span

2014 to 2015


The main purpose of the study was to clarify whether the planned expansion of the transmission grid in Liberia has sufficient capacity to transmit the power from the potential hydropower developments, and whether the developments are economically and financially feasible.


Services provided: • Load forecast to 2033 • Candidate Power plants specification (hydro, thermal, NRSE) • Existing and Planned Transmission Network incl. the CLSG Interconnector • Green Power Scenarios (three Power system development scenarios) • Evaluation of Planned Transmission Network • Economic and Financial Evaluation of the Green Power Scenarios, mainly alternative developments of St. Pauls River HPPs, i.a. St Paul 1B and 2 without and with Via Reservoir.

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