Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project

Norconsult has been involved in the Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project (UTKHPL) since 2003, first as responsible for the Feasibility Study, later as lead partner in JVNL, a joint venture between Norconsult AS and Lahmeyer Int’l GmbH, for tender design and documents, final design and construction supervision.

Project name

Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project, Nepal


Nepal Electricity Authority / Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd



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The UTKHPL is located in the lower region of the Higher Himalayas 100 km northeast of Kathmandu and 60 km west of Mt Everest. It is a run-of-river project designed for daily peaking. Installation comprises 6 Pelton units with total capacity 450 MW at design flow 66m3/s and gross head 822 m.


The project is under implementation with a Special Purpose Company, UTKHPL, as Owner. The project is developed for domestic supply in winter and export of surplus energy to India in the monsoon season. Annual energy production is about 2200 GWh. The plant is connected to the main grid via a 120 km long double circuit 220 kV transmission line. The execution of the project was seriously interrupted by the earthquakes in 2015. Project completion is expected late 2020.

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