Rengård power station

Rengård's power station in Skellefteå, Sweden, has been producing electricity since the 1970s and now Skellefteå Kraft is expanding. It will be one of the largest new hydropower projects in Sweden in 25 years, and we at Norconsult are both designers and technical advisors.

Just over two-thirds of Skellefteå Kraft's electricity comes from one of the hydropower plants near Skellefteå. In order to be equipped for the future need for renewable energy, Rengårds power station is now being expanded, with one more unit that will provide an increased output of around 30 megawatts, almost the double of the current capacity. We at Norconsult are both designers and technical advisors in a collaborative project together with NCC and Andritz.

It is the first power station in Sweden to be designed in full-scale BIM. It hardly occurs any papers or drawings in the project, all work is based on a common BIM model that also functions as a construction document.

Fly ash provides more durable concrete

Concrete is the world's most common building material, but it is far from environmentally friendly. By using the residual product fly ash instead of cement, you get a concrete that has an equivalent strength but lower environmental impact. We have used the new method in the concrete construction at Rengård's power station. The climate footprint was reduced by 40 percent compared to conventional concrete. As the construction consists of 10,000 cubic meters of concrete, great progress can be made for both technology and the environment in the project.

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