Green Ammonia – Development of Large-scale Greenfield Ammonia Project. Process Lead Support

Norconsult is engaged by a client to support with development of a large-scale green ammonia plant in Oman. The plant is intended to produce up to 100 000 tonnes of ammonia annually, solely relying on photovoltaic electricity generation. The end-consumers of ammonia will be fuelling and bunkering of ships passing Oman.

Project name

Green Ammonia – Development of Large-scale Greenfield Ammonia Project. Process Lead Support


Scatec ASA



Time span


Key figures

  • Ammonia production: 100 000 tonnes / year
  • PV capacity: 0,5 GW
  • Electrolyzer capacity: 320 MW
  • H2 buffer storage: 200 tons
  • Ammonia pipeline: 1.5 km
  • Liquid ammonia storage capacity: 10 000 m3


Norconsult was engaged by the client as a Principal and Lead Process Engineering support during various stages of the development of a large-scale green ammonia plant. The location and exact capacity details were tailored to the specific needs of the project, focusing on green and sustainable practices. The facility would be mainly driven by solar electricity and would operate 24/7. The project involved multiple dimensions, from FEED, due diligence of electrolyser and hydrogen storage sub-suppliers, to detail design and engineering, and contract negotiation. Norconsult resources also had the responsibility to assist in site selection, financial modelling, and coordination of the entire project development.

The overall aim was to facilitate the client in the process of becoming a large-scale green ammonia supplier, supporting local Omani ammonia offtake from end-consumers via fueling and bunkering of ships. Various key capacities and numbers were outlined, such as 100,000 tonnes/year ammonia production, 500 MW PV capacity, and 320 MW electrolyser capacity.


Norconsult's support in the FEED phase ensured vendor selection for the complete plant, taking into account all relevant factors and constraints. The proposed solution included a 500 MW AC PV plant, 320 MW of electrolyser capacity, and a comprehensive array of supporting systems, such as ammonia pipelines, fire systems, regenerative steam turbines, RO systems, and flare systems.

The detailed engineering phase involved completion of RAM, HAZID studies, contracts, and procurement-related activities. Norconsult resources supervised sub-supplier deliverables of engineering documentation, and were available for the client at their desired location, both in Norway and abroad. Norconsult's activities also extended to other critical components like seawater cooling intake, desalination, nitrogen production, ammonia transport pipeline, ammonia jetty, and ammonia storage tanks.

In addition to these, a hydrogen storage facility, nitrogen storage facility, 60 MW battery facility, 2 MW steam turbine, and a combined refrigeration ammonia cooler were designed to lower energy consumption and increase the plant’s overall energy efficiency.


Norconsult’s involvement in this project resulted in the creation of a highly efficient and environmentally friendly ammonia production facility. The detailed work, ranging from box-level design, system sizing simulations, preliminary layouts to process flow diagrams, and CAPEX/OPEX estimates, formed the technical and financial basis for project presentations.

The well-planned solution offered competitive product pricing and was instrumental in dialogues with authorities to secure a suitable site. Norconsult also provided extensive support on vendor identification and evaluation, cost comparison with other projects, and assisted in warranty, equipment, and liability contract negotiation. The client was successfully guided towards becoming a large-scale green ammonia supplier, with a solid foundation laid for continuous operation, grid stability, and innovative energy-efficient designs.

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