Askøy bridge

Norconsult have had two assignments related to the suspension bridge: retrofitting of high barriers and designing new spherical bearings.

Project name

Askøy bridge


Norwegian Public Roads Administration



Time span

2014 to 2017

Key figures

Main span: 850 meters

Total length: 1057 meters

Sailing height: 62 meters

Tower height: 152 meters


Retrofitting of high barriers on the suspension bridge: The goal is to eliminate the possibility of jumping from the bridge. Wear on spherical bearings: Bearings installed in 2009 have already been damaged. It is necessary to investigate the cause of the damage and based on that, design new bearings.


Retrofitting of high barriers on the suspension bridge: Detailed design of high non-climbable barriers had to consider several factors: architecture, smooth surfaces that are not possible to climb, practical considerations regarding installation on top of existing barriers, traffic management during construction, and aerodynamic conditions. Many different alternatives were evaluated. Trial assembly in a workshop was performed. Full-scale measurements of the bridge's mechanical damping were conducted by attaching mobile phones that log accelerations in the bridge. Wind tunnel tests of the bridge with high barriers were carried out. Raised barriers were installed in 2016. Bearing maintenance: Full-scale tests involving heavier vehicles driving over the bearings. Using strain gauges, the forces in the pendulums were measured. It was concluded that a different type of bearing should be used. Specifications for the new bearing type were developed.

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