Alversund bridge

Norconsult has conducted studies on cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, and arch bridges in Alversund. Recommendations and visualizations of the location of the new bridge, choice of bridge type, and design of the associated road network have been developed.


The existing Alversund Bridge is in poor technical condition and undersized for current traffic volumes. A feasibility study was already in place, and Norconsult further developed and specified it. Challenges in this crossing include preserving the current navigational channel and clearance both during construction and in the permanent phase. The existing bridge cannot be demolished before the construction of the new bridge.


Four different locations and bridge types were evaluated. The bridge types studied included single-tower and twin-tower cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, and arch bridges. Criteria for selecting a solution included landscape adaptation, operation and maintenance, construction costs, and constructability. Both technical drawings and 3D visualizations of the solutions were prepared. The final report summarized the achievement of goals for various alternatives in tables, providing a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each location and bridge type. Based on these assessments, the twin-tower cable-stayed bridge emerged as the best alternative for the new bridge in Alversund.

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