from left to right; Lars Bo Lindblad (partner, director, Rubow), Susanne Hansen (partner, creative director Rubow), Lars Hetland (partner, director, Rubow), Thomas Bolding Rasmussen (CEO, Norconsult Denmark), Jacob Ilsøe (director buildings, Norconsult Denmark), Zlatan Behmen (CFO Norconsult Denmark)

Danish RUBOW architects become part of Norconsult

Norconsult has acquired the Danish architecture firm RUBOW, thus strengthening its multidisciplinary focus. Close cooperation between engineers and architects is an important success factor for Norconsult. This will be enhanced through the acquisition of RUBOW arkitekter.

RUBOW arkitekter is one of the leading architecture firms in Denmark, and the company’s expertise has been in especially high demand in public construction projects and landscape architecture. After the acquisition, the company will retain the name RUBOW arkitekter, and the 100+ employees will become part of the Norconsult Group. With RUBOW arkitekter on its team, Norconsult in Denmark will have a 50/50 ratio of architects and engineers, for a total of 360 employees.

With this acquisition, the Norconsult Group will have a total of 850 architects.

“Denmark is an important market for Norconsult. With the skilled employees from RUBOW arkitekter, we will not only have a stronger position in Denmark, but also in the entire Nordic region. This will create positive synergies throughout the group, and the acquisition is entirely in line with our strategy to expand our Nordic footprint. We look forward to following this development further,” said CEO Egil Hogna at Norconsult.

Recently, Norconsult launched a new and expanded group management, where both Sweden and Denmark are represented. This will help to enhance its Nordic focus. Thomas Bolding Rasmussen, CEO of Norconsult in Denmark, is now a regular member of Norconsult’s group management.

“In order to realise the best construction projects and become a leader in the area of integrated design, there must be a closer collaboration between the various disciplines. We extend a warm welcome to RUBOW arkitekter, and look forward to working together on exciting projects in the time to come,” said Thomas Bolding Rasmussen.


Top division
After the acquisition, Norconsult will have more than 170 architects in Denmark, thereby becoming one of the largest architect firms in Denmark.

“The acquisition means that we will move up to the top division in the Danish architecture sector. I am sure that this will strengthen us internally, and provide our customers with greater value in the form of a high level of architectural creativity and quality,” said Thomas Bolding Rasmussen.

The operation of RUBOW arkitekter will generally continue as usual, however the business will, to a greater extent, involve the engineers at an early stage of project development. According to the three partners and directors at RUBOW arkitekter, Lars Bo Lindblad, Lars Hetland and Susanne Hansen, this close collaboration with Norconsult’s architects and engineers will provide more space for creative expression and professional development.

“We are pleased that RUBOW arkitekter will become part of a progress-oriented Scandinavian consulting firm. We look forward to future growth, with greater complexity and requirements for sustainability and comprehensive solutions. With Norconsult, we can become better together. Working closely together at an early stage of a project will ensure efficient and solid work processes, and will help to enhance the quality of our projects. We will work to create a framework to increase employee satisfaction, where our architecture becomes a catalyst for sustainable social development. We can do this together with Norconsult,” said Lars Bo Lindblad.

He adds becoming part of a company that is 100 per cent owned by its employees is a definite advantage.



About Norconsult in Denmark
After its acquisition of RUBOW arkitekter, Norconsult in Denmark has 360 employees. The business has its headquarters in Copenhagen (Herlev) with offices in Kalundborg, Aarhus, Aalborg and Viborg.


About RUBOW arkitekter
RUBOW arkitekter A/S consists of both young and more experienced architects, landscape architects, planners, environmental certification consultants, constructors, engineers and construction economists. The firm offers a range of services, from overall drawings, to detailed engineering and construction management. RUBOW arkitekter has a broad portfolio that includes school buildings and institutions, culture and recreation, health, care homes, residential homes, renovations, transformations, landscaping and city spaces.

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