School buildning

New Borkenes School – an exemplary model

The students are delighted with the new school. The school building, with modern facilities and possibly the best school view in the region, makes everyday school life a breeze for the students at Borkenes School. This achievement is largely thanks to Norconsult.

Kvæfjord municipality in Troms is perhaps best known for its sweet and delicious strawberries and the cake named "Verdens beste”. Now they can add a new and fantastic school to their list of achievements. Last autumn, the new Borkenes School was opened, marking the completion of Norconsult's interdisciplinary assignment. Norconsult has contributed to all architectural and engineering disciplines in the project and has received positive feedback from both the school's students and teachers, the client, and the general contractor.

“Everything has been well thought out and planned in collaboration with the users. We have gained a school that contributes to a good learning environment and a great building that will serve as a cultural center and gathering place for the entire community. Both students and teachers are extremely satisfied“
Øyvind Kristiansen ,

Principal at Borkenes School

Project Manager Håvard Dalheim Johansen is thrilled with the success of the school and the project.

“This is a project we are very proud of. We have contributed to creating an important societal function that means a lot to many people. It is a prime example of our purpose; Every day we improve everyday life, “, explains Dalheim Johansen. The project has gained recognition far beyond Harstad. Competing strongly against nearly 30 000 other Norconsult projects from both domestic and international contexts, it rose to the top and won the Norconsult Awards 2023 in the "LiVE PRO" category, which can be described as Norconsult's "Best Practice" for project execution.

As the Project Manager, Dalheim Johansen emphasizes that both internal and external collaboration is what he is most satisfied with and that they have always kept the customer in focus. Dalheim has particularly prioritized trust, which is one of Norconsult's six leadership principles.

“We must understand our customers, create flow, and have trust in each other. In this case, there were many customers. We had to find good solutions for both the municipality, teachers, students, and future students. My job was to create a flow and maintain a positive dynamic. Collaboration, good communication, and knowledge sharing were key throughout“
Håvard Dalheim Johansen,

Project Manager

Harstadbygg Entreprenør was the general contractor for the project. They believe that the collaboration between Norconsult, Kvæfjord municipality, and subcontractors sets an example for others to follow, both in terms of collaboration and goal achievement. The project was delivered within the agreed price and on time.

“Throughout a hectic and compressed digital design process, Norconsult's interdisciplinary advisory group has delivered coordinated and constructible foundations, which have been a significant contribution to achieving the project's goals in terms of time, cost and quality“, says Raymond Berntsen, the Project Manager at Harstadbygg Entreprenør.