Every day we improve everyday life

Every day we improve everyday life

Things you might not think about 

It might be something visual – the aesthetics of a public space or a building’s façade. It might be something that saves you time or simplifies your day – a train arriving sooner, or a junction being planned so that traffic flows smoothly. It might be something that improves safety – a road that contains technology that warns of pedestrians, or an avalanche, ahead. It might be smart solutions that make a school or office building flexible and energy-efficient, and that facilitate learning, development and productivity. 

When you see a train winding through the countryside, you probably don’t think about how someone has used advanced formulas and digital tools so that it can maintain a steady speed on the track, even in curves, and arrive at its destination on time. 

When it rains and the water runs off the pavement and finds its way to nearby plants and trees, someone has planned it that way. The excess water irrigates the plants and contributes to sustainable development and green life. 

When you move around in the city – inside the buildings, or in the space between the buildings – little is left to chance. Someone has planned the urban space so that everyone can move around and enjoy it. Before the new buildings are erected, simulations have been made of the effect they will have on wind conditions in squares and on patios. 

kvinne i åpent kontorlandskap

When there is a safety zone in a wind farm in the winter, someone has calculated how far the blades can throw ice and snow and how far away from the turbines you need to stay to be safe. 

When you sit down at your desk in your new office space, someone has calculated where the desks should be placed relative to the windows to optimise the use of natural daylight. This can reduce the need for electric lighting in the building. 

Every year, Norconsult completes about 30,000 assignments, large and small, for public and private clients. Some of the projects have a significant and obvious impact on people’s lives, while the effects of others pass largely unnoticed. Regardless of the size of the assignment, we approach it with an ambition to improve everyday life. At the heart of our work are our values, our principles for how we carry out assignments, and our strategies for digitalisation, sustainability, collaboration and innovation. This, together with the expertise possessed by our employees, enables us to deliver on our mission: “Every day, we improve everyday life.” This is what drives us every day.