Stjärnparken - activity park

In central Bro, close to both Råbyparken and Mulleskogen, is Stjärnparken. It is a place for spontaneous sports and cultural activities. Our landscape architects won the assignment to design and project the activity park.

Based on citizen dialogues, association meetings and workshops with the client, a common goal could be developed: to create an activity park that is NICE, SAFE and EQUAL. This meant, among other things, that the park would function as a meeting place for all groups in society and that spontaneous activities of various kinds would be promoted.

Encourages movement and creativity

The activity park has a youthful and fast-paced design language inspired by graphic patterns and murals that encourage activity, movement and creativity. The cohesive design language is expressed in a consistent color theme, recurring elements and patterns as well as carefully selected materials and equipment.

The main route runs diagonally through the park and is provided with seating. A skating surface and the dance floor with a stage are located near the square. In the outdoor gym, you can work out to the tunes of the DJ booth. In a part of the park you can perform parkour. There is also a basketball and soccer field here.

  • Marcus Rydbo

    Divisionschef Arkitektur, Byggnader & Miljö

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