Hydrogen as an alternative for emergency power in Lilleakerbyen

Norconsult has assessed compressed hydrogen and fuel cells as an alternative for emergency power in Lilleakerbyen. Lilleakerbyen is an ambitious and future oriented project that is committed to creating a holistic and sustainable solution, adapted to the societal development of the future.

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Hydrogen as an alternative for emergency power in Lilleakerbyen


Mustad Eiendom



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Mustad Eiendom wanted to look at possibilities of using hydrogen and fuel cell technology as an alternative to battery and the current diesel generator in Lilleakerbyen. Norconsult has evaluated the potential of using fuel cells and local storage of compressed hydrogen in terms of investment cost and the safety aspects regarding the location of fuel cells and storage.


The study included the technical challenges related to space requirements and safety zones when storing large amounts of compressed hydrogen. The capacity and choice of fuel cells were evaluated in connection with power output and hydrogen consumption. Safety assessments in relation to the supply and storage of compressed hydrogen, as well as the location of fuel cells, were central in the study.


Norconsult's conclusion shows that hydrogen is not an economical alternative for emergency power in Lilleakerbyen based on the current prices for fuel cells and storage tanks, as well as the required storage capacity.

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Prosjektdirektør Energigasser

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