Green Ammonia - Feasibility Study for large-scale ammonia production plant, Sauda

Norconsult has carried out a feasibility study for design of a large-scale transport and storage of green ammonia in Sauda. Hy2gen, an international company specialized in designing, building and operating facilities to produce green hydrogen and green hydrogen-based derivatives, plans to produce green ammonia as a fuel for the maritime sector, in the municipality of Sauda.

Project name

Green Ammonia - Feasibility Study for large-scale ammonia production plant, Sauda


Hy2Gen AG



Time span


Key figures

Production capacity: 600 TPD Electrolyser capacity: 240 MW Storage capacity: 2 x 20 000 tons


Norconsult was engaged by Hy2Gen to explore the feasibility for developing a green ammonia production plant in Sauda. The assignment included conceptual design of technical solutions and cost estimates for production, transport, and storage of ammonia.


Norconsult established a design basis for a large-scale ammonia plant producing 600 tons per day from an electrolyzer capacity of 240 MW. Hydrogen will be produced through water electrolysis using locally renewable hydropower. Additionally, technical concepts were developed for transport of ammonia via pipeline and ammonia storage tanks.


Deliverables were preliminary layouts, functional description, process flow diagrams and basic risk analysis. As part of the scope, Norconsult has entered into a frame agreement for Permit Management and Engineering in order to secure required permits. This includes work required under the following acts:

  • Plan and Building Act
  • Fire and Explosion Protection Act
  • Water Resources Act
  • Pollution Control Act
  • Working Environment Act
  • Energy Act


Norconsult's study forms the basis for authority permitting processes, planning and investment decisions.

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