CCS - Feasibility study for liquefaction and CO2 export terminal in Kristiansand

Norconsult supported the client in an early phase feasibility study on site selection and design of a CO2 terminal in Kristiansand. The terminal was intended to facilitate ship export of CO2 to geological storage off the west coast of Norway.

Project name

CCS - Feasibility study for liquefaction and CO2 export terminal in Kristiansand


Kristiansand Harbour Authority, Norway



Time span



Norconsult was engaged by Kristiansand Harbour Authority to perform a Pre-Feed study of a CO2 terminal intended for ship CO2 export.

The main scope included evaluation of technical solutions for both on-site liquefaction and storage, terminal concepts and construction.


Norconsult explored several terminal locations and technical concepts. The layout of the CO2 storage and export terminal was established after an early phase safety assessment and ease of access for imported CO2.

As part of the study, greenhouse gas calculations were carried out to assess the total greenhouse gas emissions of establishment and operation of the proposed concepts

Three technical terminal concepts were developed to handle the following CO2 volumes:

  • 150 000 tons of CO2 per year
  • 225 000tons of CO2 per year
  • 600 000tons of CO2 per year

For each concept, Norconsult prepared deliverables such as: plant layouts, process flow diagrams, equipment lists, load lists, preliminary cost estimates. This included evaluations of existing and new port facilities.

Based on findings in feasibility studies of each site, a recommendation was given for further investigation and detailing of the most suitable sites.


The technical feasibility study of potential terminal locations were used as basis for further study, CCS funding programs and regional cluster collaborations.

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