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United for Ukraine

Norconsult, Multiconsult and HRP want to bring together the Norwegian consulting industry in a concerted effort for Ukraine. The purpose is to contribute humanitarian aid to a population that has an enormous need for emergency aid, both now and for a long time to come.

- We now invite all our customers and partners to support the Red Cross' emergency relief work in Ukraine, and thus contribute so that they can be there for more people. Now we need the entire industry to stand together to support those who need it most, says CEO Egil Hogna of Norconsult.

The companies behind the initiative are all shocked by the outbreak of war in Ukraine. What the companies also have in common is that they will always encourage resolving conflicts through dialogue and respect. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is in stark contrast to this and goes against the companies' fundamental values ​​of human dignity. Companies can therefore not be neutral to human suffering as a result of politics. This is the background behind the initiative "#UnitedForUkraine where the goal is to engage the entire Norwegian consulting industry to a large humanitarian charity effort. Now we need the whole industry to stand together to support those who need it most.

- In every war, the innocent and civilians are hardest hit. We can hardly understand the human suffering that unfolds. We cannot help but relate to the situation we are witnessing and together we can make an important difference. I therefore encourage the entire industry to contribute, says CEO Grethe Bergly in Multiconsult.

- We all have a responsibility to minimize the suffering of any war-torn population. The population of Ukraine is now exposed to major human suffering and material damage. As a company and society, we cannot sit still and watch, so we encourage everyone to join the charity event, says Jan Arild Kingswick, CEO of HRP.

Support the Red Cross
Norconsult and Multiconsult have chosen to support with two million Norwegian kroner each and HRP has also chosen to make a significant contribution to the Red Cross. The organization has a major humanitarian operation in Ukraine and neighboring countries. The Red Cross provides emergency health care, food, water, shelter and protection to those affected by the war in Ukraine. Even before the outbreak of war, nearly three million people needed help in the conflict zone. It is expected that several million more people in Ukraine will need urgent humanitarian assistance in the future.

Support the charity
Now we need the whole industry to stand together to support those who need it most. We therefore encourage everyone in the construction industry to contribute so that together we can make a difference.

Businesses in Norway can support the Red Cross by direct cash or via account 8200 06 10190 (Note with Ukraine). We also encourage all employees to support the initiative personally and this can be done via Vipps to 2272, or to the local Red Cross organization in their country.

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